I'm Valerie, the person behind Habin Jones Photography. Many people often ask me about the origin of the name "Habin Jones".

As a child, I was always incredibly imaginative and creative. At the age of five, I had already come up with a name for my creative self, which was Habin Jones (you can learn more about it in the video below). One of my fondest pastimes was coming up with stories and filming videos with my friends using my dad's camcorder, creating movies and TV shows. Sometimes, I even brought the camcorder to school to document my friends and school life, knowing already back then how important it was to capture memories for the future.

Fast forward fifteen to twenty years, and after completing my Bachelor's in industrial engineering and Master's in marketing, and building a career at a big automotive company, I still felt a missing peace. It was then that I rediscovered my passion for photography helping me to live up my creative side. When I started my photography journey a couple of years ago, I remembered the name I had given myself as a child, and that's why I chose to name my photography business after it.

More about me

I live in Berlin (Germany) since 2019, love hanging out with my friends and family, and going on adventures with my husband. I would describe myself as a very curious person who enjoys the little moments in life and loves to explore the world. That is also why I went to the U.S. for a high school year at a very young age and later completed my Master's degree in Marketing in Australia to meet new people with different background. In Australia I lived in a city called Surfers Paradise, as it has always been my dream to live right next the beach.

Next to traveling (and taking loads of photos), I also love dogs and coffee (who doesn't?), and I'm a huge sports fan: yoga, dancing, fitness… you name it!

I constantly try to grow and dedicate my full energy and attention to whatever I'm doing - showing up with passion, drive & humor, believing that there is always something to learn everyday and by everyone.


When you're a photographer, you get to be a witness to the most intimate moments of people's lives. It's so important to capture those moments not just with your camera, but with a smile on your face and a genuine interest in the person(s) you're photographing. I love being able to capture the beauty of human spirits and lovestories through my lens - it's what really excites me. But I am also very passionate about fashion and editorial photography as it allows me to become creative together with other brands and creatives.

I get excited about photography so much that it's been like a dream come true to be able to combine my passion for travel, meeting new people and photography into one job.

Cant wait to meet you !

xx Valerie


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